The Astrological Chart for Tendre Press





Three planetary formations stand out in the natal chart for Tendre Press:

  • An exact conjunction ( 0°) between the Sun and Pluto in late Sagittarius near the Galactic Center.
  • An exact square (90°) between Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Leo.
  • A multi-planet array that features seven of the ten planets (Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) in two configurations—a fixed grand cross (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) and a watery grand trine (Moon, Jupiter and Uranus) .

Adding these three formations together, and applying them to the project at hand, my overall impression is that of a stubborn, powerful, and highly creative entity which aims to help transform our current philosophical world-view (5th house Sun conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius) from rampant, simple-minded and divisive fundamentalism to an open and prayerful acknowledgement of fundamental human needs.

Slowly, surely, with profound courage, determination and serious purpose (10th house Mars in Taurus, in fixed grand cross with Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn on the Ascendant) , and in concert with many other individuals and organizations (Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th house) , this entity will cooperate in the urgent task of addressing highly stressful make-or-break challenges (fixed grand cross with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune; Saturn in Leo conjunct Leo Ascendant; Sun/Pluto conjunction in 5th house) while receiving continual nourishment from the flowing, warm, deep presence of personal, interpersonal and collective human feeling (grand trine in water links Moon in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Pisces) .

May we gather in the garden.

May all beings be happy.

Ann Kreilkamp


Tendre Press