If you are a like-minded individual or organization and wish to exchange links with, please contact us. This is Ann Kreilkamp’s astrological website which contains over 60 archived essays that can be downloaded free. This is the website for the back issues of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging, a magazine that Ann founded and published for 12 years (1989-2001). Ann is currently working with BBI Media (publisher of SageWoman magazine) to relaunch Crone Chronicles in early 2008. Ann and the late Shauna Adix of Salt Lake City co-founded this organization in 1993. Crones Counsel holds an annual gathering in different areas of the country. SageWoman: Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman, is longest-running and largest circulation women’s spirituality magazine in the world. Ann’s column, “Crone Eyes, Crone Heart” has been running in this magazine since 1996. provides information, inspiration, and support for life transition and aging, loss and grief, illness and caregiving, hope and spirituatlity, and healing presence, with books, tapes, CDs, DVDs notecards and photographs. is dedicated to helping those who are grieving or supporting the bereaved. This site features both professional articles and personal essays about the grief experience, poetry about grief, articles about widows in developing countries and how to help them, an extensive list of grief and trauma resources, a discussion group and a gift store featuring items made by widows in India and items sold by widows in Kenya. offers information, comfort and support to those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, whether human or animal. The primary focus of this website is on the bereavement for the loss of a spouse and life partner. Includes authors’ contributions and a discussion board, plus a number of resource lists.