Note: Given the intimate nature of this book, Ann’s book tours are focusing on signing and discussion events in women’s homes. Other appropriate venues include independent book stores, libraries, healing centers, hospice groups, grief groups, church groups, and book discussion clubs. If you would like to host or help organize a future event, please contact Ann at Thanks so much!

Sun Valley, Idaho: May 23-26, 2008

Ann has been invited to speak and present a workshop on “Grief’s Gold” at the annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival.

Bloomington, Indiana: April 23, 2008

Ann was the featured speaker at the monthly meeting of the Active Aging Coalition held at Bell Trace at 8:00 A.M.

Bloomington Alternative Article: November 21, 2007

On November 21, the bi-weekly newspaper, Bloomington Alternative featured This Vast Being in the context of a full-page article on Kreilkamp’s life and work. The article, A gate to a larger dimension, by Charli Wyatt, ended with this quote: “Kreilkamp figures that, ultimately, everything she does is about creating more open space, whether for alternative philosophies, grieving hearts, aging or her neighbors. ‘I think of open space as a verb,’ she says. ‘It’s what we need to do. There’s plenty of room for everything.’”

Indiana Holistic Health Network Festival: November 9-10, 2007

Ann presented a workshop and served as vendor for This Vast Being.

National Best Books Awards: November 1, 2007

This Vast Being wins First Place in the “Health: Death and Dying” category of the USA Book News National Best Books 2007 Awards! For details, see the Tendre Press Release.

Book Tour/Road Trip: July 25–September 29, 2007

29 events in 8 states in 66 days! Read all about Ann’s adventures in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona and New Mexico in her book tour blog:

“Participants often confessed to experiences that made them question their own sanity, such as sensing the presence of a departed loved one in an animal or feeling the overwhelming urge to howl—literally howl—to express their pain. Kreilkamp encourages people to welcome those experiences and learn from them. ‘It is a deep end,’ Kreilkamp says of grief, ‘but it is not an end. Death is a gate to a larger dimension . . .’”—from “A gate to a larger dimension,” an article on Ann Krelkamp’s life and work in the Bloomington Alternative, by Charli Wyatt.

Asilomar, Monterey Bay, California, September 5–9, 2007

Ann attended the 2007 Crones Counsel gathering, where she gave a workshop and served as a vendor for This Vast Being.

Podcast: June 13, 2007

While in Atlanta, Ann spent an hour on AM 1620 Radio Sandy Springs discussing her book with host Leslie Coff. It went well! To hear the podcast, visit

and scroll down to the 6/13/07 show.

Atlanta Area Tour: June 10–17, 2007

Read all about Ann’s adventures in her book tour blog:

Bloomington, Indiana: April 15, 2007

What began as a release party for Ann’s book quickly evolved into a community celebration and conversation on death, loss, grief and the resurrection of the human spirit. About 80 people joined Ann at Tutto bené for an evening of music, performances and fine Italian food. The event showcased the stories and artistry of people who have transformed grief through creativity and invited us all to deepen the conversation. Joe Bourne hosted the Voces Novae choir, singer Paula Bourne, singer/songwriter/ violinist Frances Miller and her improv troupe, sculptor Gail Hale, artist and psychic Johnny Belinuda Ramey, painter Charlotte Hess, and, of course, author Ann Kreilkamp.

Here are two of the emails that Ann received from artists who took part in the event:

Thank you all for a memorable evening. I was moved to tears at one point because it was so beautiful. I am honored to have been a part of it. And thank you Ann for your willingness to let the creative process evolve to what it was meant to be. That is a great accomplishment. It is hard to give birth to an idea and then let it grow on its own without trying to force a certain outcome. It is much like giving birth to a child and then allowing them to make their own mistakes. It was very beautiful. —Gail

I am still floating on a cloud. This Vast Being was the most loving and cherished event I have attended. You were radiating a glow of angelic energy; your smile was one of attainment. Jeffrey is alive thanks to you, his work is truly being done through you and your words. You helped so many to begin that journey of honoring and letting go, thanks for allowing me to be a part of this great adventure of life and life after this physical world. —Johnnie

March 8, 2007

Official release date for This Vast Being.

September 17 – October 2, 2006

Ann attended the 2006 Crones Counsel gathering in Boulder, Colorado, where she gave a workshop and served as a vendor for This Vast Being.