About the Author

Ann Kreilkamp received her doctorate in philosophy in 1972 from Boston University and taught for one year at an experimental college, New College of California, from which she was fired as “too experimental.” She then became a student of astrology, teaching, consulting and writing in that field for over two decades (see www.celestialnavigations.net). Along the way, she founded and published three experimental magazines, one of which, Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging (1989-2001), was twice nominated for Utne Reader’s annual awards (see www.cronechronicles.com).

Ann is currently working with Anne Niven of BBI Media (publisher of SageWoman magazine) to launch a new magazine, CRONE: Women Coming of Age, at Spring Equinox, 2008.

Ann’s titles with Tendre Press include This Vast Being (2007) and two forthcoming books:

Time-Out: A Crone Looks Back on her Love Life, discusses her relationships with men from the ages of 20 to 45. “I love to contemplate the nature of my significant relationships, since my most profound learning experiences come from intimate personal contact. In learning how to tell these stories, I lay bare the trajectory of my life” (from the Introduction to Time-Out).

A Soul’s Journey “shows how the soul, by inciting numerous infinitesimal shifts in awareness over an extended period of time, gradually reveals itself, its message and even something of its purpose to the personality which has unknowingly camouflaged it all along” (from the Preface to A Soul’s Journey).

After 20 years living in a 20-foot diameter yurt at the base of the Tetons of Wyoming, Ann now lives in a small ranch house in Bloomington, Indiana, to which she has just added a screened front porch, a solar heated hydroponic greenhouse, and an inviting little bench surrounded by shrubs and flowers for people who walk her street. She works with her Green Acres Neighborhood Association to transform their suburban neighborhood into a sustainable village through the practice and principles of permaculture.

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